Bali Rafting and Tubing

Bali Suta provide the Bali river adventure packages to exploring Ayung River, Melangit River, Telaga Waja River and other rivers in Bali. We arrange your white water rafting or canyon tubing by professional tour company in Bali such us Sobek Adventure Tours, Bali Adventure Tours and other company.

    Bali Rafting and Tubing List

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    Bali Adventure Rafting

    Start USD 43, 2 Hours (Half Day), Ayung River
    The best rafting sites in Bali we provide with best prices with international standard of safety. Come and exploring Ayung River Rafting Bali....
  • siap river pakerisan, bali canyon tubing, tubing adventure

    Bali Canyon Tubing

    Start USD 65, 2 hours (Half Day), Siap River Bali
    Bali Canyon Tubing provide the great canyon adventure close to the un spoiled Bali nature located at Siap river Payangan with flying fox
  • bali international rafting, club aqua, telaga waja river

    Bali International Rafting

    Start IDR 400,000, 2 hours (Half Day), Telaga Waja River
    The longest water rafting in Bali located at Telaga Waja river East Bali with 16 km exciting grade 3 until 4 International rafting grades
  • grade 3 rafting, payung rafting

    Bali Payung Rafting

    Start USD 25, 2 hours (Half Day), Ayung River Bali
    Payung Rafting at Ayung River with professional team and instructor has decades experience for your adventure unforgetable
  • tubing adventure bali, bali river tubing, bali tube, adventure tubing

    Bali River Tubing

    Start USD 44, 2 hours (Half Day), Pakerisan River
    Enjoy the tubing in Bali with Bali River Tubing of 1,5 Hour Tubing Trip on Pakerisan River at Tampaksiring Gianyar Bali including 4,5 Kilometers , along the river visit the Pakerisan River Waterfall and Holy Water Geroh
  • fun tubing tour, penet river, bio

    BIO River Tubing

    Start USD 40, 3 hours (Half Day), Penet River
    Exploring the beautiful rural environment countryside river in Sangeh with 2 hours tubing at Penet River
  • bukit cilli rafting, telaga waja

    Bukit Cilli Rafting

    Start USD 10, 2 hours (Half Day), Telaga Waja River
    Join Bukit Cilli Rafting and enjoy fun rafting at Telaga Waja River with safety equipment and insurance
  • canyoning bali, penet river, bali activity

    Canyoning Bali

    Start USD 109, 8 hours (Full Day), Penet River
    Climb the 25 meters high gorge on the banks of Penet River, feel the cooling waterfalls splashing your body and will test your courage also pumping your adrenaline
  • ayung river rafting

    Mega Rafting

    Start USD 31, 2 hours (Half Day), Ayung River Bali
    White Water Rafting at Ayung River provide 10 km of wild water rafting with international standard safety
  • river boarding, pumping adrenaline, penet river

    Penet River Boarding

    Start USD 80, 3 hours (Half Day), Penet River
    River Boarding located at Penet River will pumping your adrenaline is the unique experience whilst admiring the natural scenery
  • Sobek white water rafting, sobek rafting, sobek adventure rafting

    Sobek Bali Rafting

    Start USD 47, 2 hours (Half Day), Telaga Waja and Ayung River
    Exploring Ayung or Telaga Waja River with Sobek white water rafting packages about 2 hours on the water including lunch and pickup service.
  • water rafting, ayung river

    White Water Rafting

    Start IDR 425,000, 6 - 7 hours (Half Day), Ayung River
    Enjoy the white water rafting at Ayung River located at Carangsari Village with rafting class 2 - 3 rapids included hotel transfers, all equipment, lunch and insurance
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