Bali Adventure Activities

Bali Suta provide river adventure, elephant tour, bali discovery tours, rafting, Bali Buggy or ATV riding, Canyon Tubing, Elephant Riding, Camel Riding, Horse Riding and more. Make your reservation and get the special offer for minimum booking 2 persons.

    Bali Adventure Activities List

  • bakas elephant tours, bakas village bali, elephant tour bali, bakas elephant tour

    Bakas Elephant Tours

    Start USD 15, 15 - 60 minutes (Flexible), Bakas Village Bali
    We provide you to exploring the Balinese Village with our Elephants. Bakas Elephant Tour Bali will bring you to explore the nature scenery of the friendly Elephants
  • Swim With Dolphins, dolphins bali, bali dolphins, dolphins lodge

    Bali Dolphins Interactive

    Start USD 35, 30 minutes (Session), Mertasari Beach Sanur
    Enjoy the amazing sensation when you swim with Bali dolphins in a floating sea pen off the coast.
  • bali elephant camp, elephant education bali

    Bali Elephant Trekking

    Start IDR 610,000, 5 - 6 hours (Half Day), Bali Elephant Camp
    Elephant Trekking at Bali Elephant Camp located at Carangsari Village Ayung River provide 30 minutes education Elephant tour
  • pererenan beach, beach horse riding, bali

    Bali Horse Adventure

    Start USD 11, 30 minutes - 2 hours (Session), Pererenan, Badung Regency
    Exploring the infinite rice paddys and wonderful beaches of Pantai Pererenan, Bali with sturdy and well-kept horses
  • canggu beach horse riding bali

    Bali Horse Riding

    Start IDR 400,000, 30 - 90 minutes (Flexible), Canggu Beach Bali
    Bali Horse Riding is ultimate riding experience located at Canggu beach with sunset about 25 minutes from Kuta Beach.
  • retro motor bikes, bali monkey bikes

    Bali Monkey Bike Tour

    Start IDR 585,000, 2 - 3 hours (Session), Payangan Bali
    The most unique way to exploring Bali with a retro monkey motor bikes through rice fields, plantations and Bali vilages in Payangan
  • ATV bali, visiting bali, ATV riding bali, bali buggy

    Bali Quad Discovery Tours

    Start IDR 650,000, 2 hours (Flexible), Payangan, Ubud Bali
    Unique way to exploring the most hidden spots in Bali with Quad (ATV), Buggy or Monkey Bikes also can combined with Canyon Tubing, Rafting and Elephant Safari
  • elephant riding, bali safari, bali safari and marine park

    Bali Safari and Marine Park

    Start IDR 410,000, 1 - 10 hours (Flexible), Bali Safari and Marine Park
    Provide the discounted price for all Bali Safari and Marine Park packages like night safari, dragon package, jungle hopper, leopard package, rhino package, elephant back safari and other
  • rhino, bali safari, zoo park

    Bali Safari Rhino Package

    Start IDR 1,512,000, 2 - 10 hours (Full Day), Bali Safari and Marine Park
    The complete full day tour package at Bali Safari and Marine Park is Rhino Package included hotel transfers, souvenir, all show tickets and lunch at Tsavo restaurant
  • Treetop Adventure, fun activities

    Bali Treetop Adventure

    Start USD 48, 1 - 3 hours (Flexible), Bedugul Bali
    Bali Threetop Adventure completed with 7 adventure circuits, 72 challenges, spider nets, Tarzan jumps, 12 Flying Fox up to 160 metres long, flying swings and more fun chalanges.
  • ecology education, bali trekking tour

    Bedugul Rain Forest Trekking

    Start IDR 606,000, 8 hours (Full Day), Bedugul Village
    Enter to the rain forest jungle in Bedugul to explore a pristine conservation forest with breathtaking panoramas
  • banana boat, lembongan, water sports

    Lembongan Island Day Trip

    Start USD 57, 8 hours (Full Day), Lembongan Island
    Day trip to Nusa Lembongan Island to enjoy mangroove tour, snorkeling, jet ski, banana boat and other activities with Rocky Fast Cruise Combo Package
  • fun team building, bali, tanah wuk

    Team Building Bali

    Start IDR 360,000, 8 hours (Full Day), BIO Headquarter
    Bali team building combine the recreational, educational and developmental to make a new relationships in the work place
  • climax, waterbom bali

    Waterbom Bali

    Start IDR 325,000, 1 - 8 hours (Flexible), Kuta Bali
    Enjoy the best amusement park and water park in Kuta Bali with more than 21 world class waterslides and leisure facilities for your family during holiday in Bali
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