Maduwe Karang Temple

Posted by Bali Suta on 29 October 2015, last update 29 October 2018

Pura Meduwe Karang at Kubutambahan, 11 km east of Singaraja and 300m west of the junction with the Kintamani road. This temple is dedicated to Batara Meduwe Karang (the lord possessing the ground), it's ensures divine protection for crops grown on dry land, such as coconuts, maize and ground nuts.

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It's built on spectacular scale, with well-maintained grounds and frangipani tree galore.
Maduwe Karang has been visited by tourist since before the Second World War. It is divided into three courtyards, or levels. Jaba Pura, the outer court is approached by two step which are adorned with series of thirty-four statues, representing the various characters from Ramayana epic.

The middle court, Jaba Tengah, and Jeroan, or interior court, are further on. The interior courtyard is considered the most sacred place, and situated here is statue of Kumbakarna being overwhelmed by a troop of monkey soldiers led by Sugriwa.

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