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Kecak and Fire Dance

Kecak and Fire Dance :: Most Unique Balinese Dance Located at Uluwatu

Kecak is the most unique Balinese dance which is not accompanied by any orchestra / gambelan but by a choir of seventy men it has its origin in an old ritual dance "Sanghyang" of trance dance. In the Sanghyang dance a person in a state of trance communicates with the deities or ancestors. They use the dancers as a medium into the dance. Briefly the story runs as follows:
LEGAL heir to the throne of Ayodya was exiled from the real of his father Dasarata. Accompanied by his wife Sita and his younger brother Laksamana they went into a forest called Dandaka. While they were in the forest the demon king Rahwana found them and lusted after beautiful Sita. Accompanied by his prime minister Marica, they made a trick to steal Sita. Using his magic powers Marica transformed himself into golden deer. His guised as a golden deer they succeeded in luring Rama and Laksamana away from Sita. Rahwana making use of this opportunity kidnapped Sita and took her to his palace Alengka. Discovering the deception Rama and Laksamana, set out to rescue Sita from clutches of the demon king assisted by the huge army of monkeys under the command of their king (Hanoman). Rama succeeded in getting his wife back safely. Some episodes of this epic are represented in the following acts:

Act. 1. Rama Sita and Golden deer
Rama, Sita and Laksamana enter the arena. Then golden deer appears. Sita ask Rama to capture the deer for her, Rama leaves Sita under Laksamana protection. Soon, and a cry for help is heard. Sita think is the voice of Rama and send Laksamana to help him. At first Laksamana refuses leaves her alone. Being accused of expecting Rama's death so that he can marry her, Laksamana become very angry and leaves alone.

Act. 2. Sita, Rahwana, Bagawan and Garuda
Rahwana appeared and wanted to kidnap Sita, but he failed and then by his bad mind changed himself to be Begawan a thirsty (old man). He asked Sita for a glass of water. Sita took a pity to see him a glass of water. But suddenly the old man took Sita away. Sita cried and shouted asking for help, her shouting was heard by Garuda. Then he helped Sita, he fought against Rahwana but fallen and got injured in his wings and Rahwana brought Sita to Alengka Pura.

Act. 3. Twalen, Rama, Laksamana and Hanoman
Rama and his brothers Laksamana were being lost with their servant in Ayodya Pura forest. He remembered with his wife Dewi Sita that has been taken away by Rahwana to Alengka Pura. Then he met Hanoman (white monkey). Rama asked it to meet his wife "Sita" in Alengka Pura Hanoman went to Alengka Pura by bringing Rama's ring in order to be given to Dewi Sita.

Act. 4. Sita, Trijata and Hanoman
Accompanied by Trijata, Rahwana's niece. Sita is bemoaning her misfortune in the garden of Rahwana's palace. Hanoman (a white monkey) appears. He tells Sita that he is Rama's enjoyed and shows her Rama's ring. Sita gave him a hairpin to be taken to Rama with a massage that she is waiting for Rama's rescue. And Hanoman headed for Alengka Pura Park, and then demage it so made it in disorder. That servant of Alengka Pura were survived to see it because it has been in serious condition and then told giants to look for those who made the demaged. They caught Hanoman and the bound and burned it. Because of the supernatural power of Hanoman (the white monkey) finally he escaped from the death.

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