Gitgit Waterfall

Posted by Bali Suta on 29 October 2015, last update 29 October 2018

Munduk village is located at Buleleng Regency with beautiful nature view. There are many interesting plces at this village such us rice terrace, mountain view, hot spring, waterfall and others. Gitgit waterfall is a one of more waterfall in Bali.

Located at Munduk village Singaraja Bali, Git-git waterfall is most beautiful waterfall. About 11 km from the closest city Singaraja out at the south of Singaraja, you will find the waterfall Git-git, a well-signposted path goes 800 meters west from the main road to the touristy waterfall. The path is lined with souvenir stalls, and persistent guides offer their services, which you have no need for at all. The 40 meters waterfall is quite pretty, and a great place for a picnic.

And about 2 km from Git-git waterfall further up the hill, we can see another, Git-git multi-tier Waterfall about 600 meters off the western side of the main road, by a small side track then a good walking path, with only a few cluster of souvenir stalls. The path crosses a narrow bridge and follows the river up past several sets of waterfall, trough verdant jungle and with several places to swim.

The next water fall you can see another 2 km further up hill called the twin waterfall, from the main road you have to walk as well another 500 meters, it is very nice walk by passing a small path and you can witness as well any kind of the plantation such as coffee, cacao, clove and pineapple.

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