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Gianyar Regency

Ubud is a big village with 13 banjar (smaller group - part of village) and 6 traditional villages. By located at 300meters above sea level, Ubud has a cold air, with the beauty, natural and exotic environment. The magnificent view of the rice terrace, the daily life of people, the beauty of their nature have become an inspiration to many artists to create their art work here in Ubud. Although dominated by art painting and sculpture but the art of music and dance also never lost their charm. Painter like Gusti Nyoman Lemped, Anak Agung Gde Sobrat, Gusti Made Kobot, Ida Bagus Made, Dewa Putu Bedil or Gus Rai are painter who originally from Ubud. Their names are famous in the internatonal level because of their masterpiece in the art of panting. Te famous name of these painter from Ubud have inspired many foreigne painter came to Ubud and and make their masterpiece in Ubud to of them are Rudolf Bonet and Walter Spies who came in 1920s. both of them have spred heir Eropean Estetic style ethnic in lighting, shadowing perfective and anatomy in the art of painting in Bali, especially in Ubud. Worked together closely with Tjokorda Gde Agung Sukawati, Rudolf Bonet made a group of artist under name Pita Maha, an organization to discuss art painting, also to exchange thought and introduce art work that created by the organization member.

"Puri Agung Ubud as the center of Ubud Kingdom, have started the tourism industry in Ubud"

As one of tourism destination in Gianyar,Ubud kepty many interesting places that worth to visit. One of tourism destination that "must visit" is Puri Agung Ubud that located precisely in the heart of Ubud, where all the activities of tourism centralized in this location, so it is very easy to reach. Puri Agung Ubud is the center of Ubud kingdom which already exists during the time 1800-1823 by Ida Tjokorda Putu Kandel. Same like other palaces in Bali, Puri Agung Ubud is the center of the art, culture and also government during its time. Because the existence of the government, inside the palace there is "wantilan" a big building like hall or ballroom as a place to conduct a meeting. But now days the place at Puri Agung Ubud that more active being use is the one that called Jaba Puri. In this place, many kids of acktivities took place either the event is a local level or International level, many of them being held at this place.

The strategic location and the shape of the building that possible to be use for any kind of purpose have made the place become chosen more by the organizer. One of international even that held every year is Ubud Writers and Readers festival always doing their opening ceremony at this place. Not so long ago there was also an International level event called World Meditation also took place at this Jaba Puri of Puri Agung Ubud. Puri Agung Ubud as the center of Ubud Kingdom, have started the tourism industry in Ubud which known because of the place have a artistic building, with a high esthetic, supported also by the atmosphere that always cold, width nice breeze and comforting environment, are some reason that make many tourist want to visit the palace. According to Tjokorda Gde Putra Sukawati the elder of the palace and also the palace figure, said that from the old tme until now, Puri Agung Ubud isstil doing the function as palace. "in the same meaning is that the palace is still opening their hand and door if the communities come to ask some advice from the palace side, or if they just want to exchange information, or just want to meet and greet the palace member. We are not going make the function of the palace become unclear by making distance beween the palaces family and the community. Certainly not!" he explained further.

As geneally a palace everywhere in bali, always located very close to a traditional market, same as this palace where at the south part of the palace located Ubud traditional marke, which also very famous not less than the palace. Market is a center of economy activity, and their existence always side by side with the palaces as the center of the art and culture which have a meaning of both side symbolizing the dynamic of the community. So welcome to Puri Agung Ubud!.

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