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Bali Open for Domestic Tourists

Bali Open for Domestic Tourists From 31 July 2020

To run the "New Normal", after open all tourism object for local people in Bali, today (31/7) Bali government enter the second phase to open tourism objects for Domestic. With the good preparation, tight healthy protocol will be applied for all visitors who come to Bali. Deputy governor, Mr. Cok Ace, said that all tourism stakeholder has take an assesment test to get the worthynes certificate. Bali government also have improved the hospital services and facilities to support the tourist conviniences.

This is the steph by steph the government take to open the tourism for International market in September 2020.

Through the circular letters from the governor of Bali, Mr. Wayan Koster, 28 July 2020, this is the requirement for the Domestic tourists who will visit Bali:

  1. Shown the Free Covid-19 Certificate through PCR test (Polymerase Chain Reaction) with non-reactive result from the relevant agencies.
  2. Validity period of the PCR test (non-reactive) is 14 days from the released date.
  3. Visitors who have the Free Covid-19 Certificate (non-reactive) with the valid date, no need the take another swab test or rapid test unless if they have clinical symtomps of Covid-19.
  4. Visitors who dont have the Free Covid-19 Certificate mentioned above or cannot show it, must be willing to take swab test or rapid test in Bali.
  5. If the result is "reactive" after swab or rapid test, visitors must take the PCR test in Bali and will be quarantined while waiting fot the result.
  6. Visitor with Positive result based on swab test will be treated in Bali's health facilities.
  7. The cost for swab test, rapid test, quarantine and health facilities is the respinsibility of the visitors.
  8. Before departing to Bali, every visitor must fill the form from the LOVEBALI application on https://lovebali.baliprov.go.id and all tourism stakeholder in Bali must make sure their guest has fill this form.
  9. While in Bali, visitors must obey the health protocol below:
    • Use face mask
    • Wash hand with soap or use Hand Sanitizer
    • Doing the social distancing minimum 1 meter
    • Doing the live clean and healthy
    • Cover your nose with tissue or handkerchief when coughing or sneezing
    • Avoid the direct contact betwen your hand with your face especialy eye, nose and mouth.
    • Measurement of body temperature.
    • Clean your personal belongings with disinfectant liquid as needed.
    • Willing to be examined by health workers in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
    • Avoid the fisical contact while do the greetings.
  10. While in Bali, visitors are encouraged to activate the GPS on their smartphone for government security and protection for tourists.
  11. Visitors can fill the feedback for their experience in Bali through LOVEBALI app.
  12. Visitors are obliged to obey this circular leters and broke this will be heading the sanctions.
bali circular letters about covid part 1 bali circular letters about covid part 2

Source: Pemerintah Provinsi Bali Facebook Page

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