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Bali called The Island of Thousands Temples. Everywhere you go you will see a temple. The dedication or inauguration day of the temple is considered its birthday and the celebration always takes place on the same day if the, Wuku or 210 day calendar is used, a new moon system is used for calculation, then the celebration is always held on a new moon or full moon. The day of course can differ.

Simple guidance when attending a Temple Ceremony: Always wear a sarong and sash, do not walk in front of people when they are praying, do not use flash or point your camera at the priests face, never sit higher than the priest, the offerings and/or people praying, during cremation ceremonies, do not get in the way of attendees, howerver perfect that photographic moment might be and women are not allowed to enter temples during their menstruation.

Temple Ceremony by Years

Temple Ceremony in December 2017: Purnama Keenam, Anggara Wage Pahang, Buda Keliwon Pahang, Tumpek Krulut, Buda Wage Merakih, Anggara Kasih Tambir and others

Temple Ceremony in November 2017: Buda Keliwon Dunggulan, Wraspati Dunggulan, Purnama Kelima, Saniscara Pon Dunggulan, Redite Wage Kuningan, Soma Keliwon Kuningan, S

Temple Ceremony in October 2017: Buda Paing Wariga, Purnama Kapat, Tumpek Uduh, Buda Paing Warigadean, Anggara Kasih Julungwangi, Wraspati Wage Sungsang and others

Temple Ceremony in September 2017: Tumpek Landep, Umanis Ukir, Purnama Katiga, Buda Wage Ukir, Anggara Kasih Kulantir, Buda Umanis Kulantir and others

Temple Ceremony in August 2017: Buda Wage Kelawu, Purnama Karo, Anggara Kasih Dukut, Buda Umanis Dukut, Hari Raya Saraswati, Soma Ribek, Hari Raya Pagerwesi and othe

Temple Ceremony in July 2017: Anggara Kasih Perangbakat, Purnama Kasa, Buda Keliwon Ugu, Tumpek Wayang and others

Temple Ceremony in June 2017: Buda Keliwon Matal, Hari Tumpek Kandang, Buda Wage Menail and others

Temple Ceremony in May 2017: Purnama Jiyestha, Buda Keliwon Pahang, Tumpek Krulut, Buda Wage Merakih, Tilem Jiyestha, Anggar Kasih Tambir, Buda Umanis Tambir and oth

Temple Ceremony in April 2017: Buda Keliwon Dunggulan, Wraspati Umanis Dunggulan, Sukra Paing Dunggulan, Saniscara Pon Dunggulan, Purnama Kedasa, Saniscara Keliwon K

Temple Ceremony in March 2017: Buda Keliwon Gumbreg, Buda Paing Wage, Tumpek Uduh, Purnama Kesanga, Buda Wage Warigadean, Sukra Umanis Warigadean, Redite Pon Julungw

Temple Ceremony in February 2017: Tumpek Landep, Redite Umanis Ukir, Buda Wage Ukir, Purnama Kawulu, Anggara Kasih Kulantir, Buda Umanis Kulantir, Redite Keliwon Tol

Temple Ceremony in January 2017: Buda Wage Kelawu, Hari Bathara Sri, Anggar Kasih Dukut, Buda Umanis Dukut, Purnama, Saraswati, Pagerwesi, Siwaratri, Tilem and other

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