Bali Attractions

The main tourist attractions in Bali are the beaches such us Kuta beach, Sanur beach, Dream Beach and others. Herewith we provide other local attractions in Bali for cultures, peoples and unique tradition.

    Article of Bali Attractions

  • kecak dance, balinese dances, uluwatu

    Kecak Dance

    Kecak Dance - Balinese Traditional Dance Performance
    Kecak Dance is dramatic Balinese Dance performance taken from the Hindu epic Ramayana and story about Prince Rama and his rescue of Princess Sita.
  • makepung, bull races, jembrana, negara

    Makepung (Bull Races) 2019

    Makepung or Bull Races | Bali Local Attractions
    Mekepung or Bull Races schedule in Bali, Mekepung introduced by Madurese migrants to celebrate the end of the rice harvest.
  • barong, keris, dance

    Barong and Keris Dance

    Barong and Keris Dance | Balinese Dance
    Barong and Keris dance is a Balinese dance story about the struggle between Barong (good) and (Rangda) evil with Balinese gambelan
  • fruit tower, bali, temple, gebogan


    Balinese Big Offering Made For Anniversary of The Temple in Bali
    Gebogan, the big offering is made when we have an anniversary of the temple. These towers of food may be two or three meters high, or they may be relatively short. The really tall ones require some skill to carry
  • kecak and fire dance, uluwatu bali

    Kecak and Fire Dance

    Kecak and Fire Dance | Most Unique Balinese Dance
    Kecak is the most unique Balinese dance which is not accompanied by any orchestra / gambelan but by a choir of seventy men it has its origin in an old ritual dance Sanghyang of trance dance.
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